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Sherri Martel. Sensational Sherri. So Very Sensational Sherri...back when TV wrestling was really good, you didn't know whether to hate her guts or not because you wished you could get away with the evil tricks she pulled on her enemies...a rare gem in that she looks elegant even when she's putting her foot in someone's ass(which she WILL do, unlike a lot of the "wrestler/valets" you see). For mean, sly, and sometimes quite violent antics of all sorts, we proudly give Sherri a place in the Heels of Fame.


Baron von Raschke was big, scowling, and bald. Not bald like Stone Cold, but more like a vulture or something. He grimaced and goose-stepped over countless heroes, until the moment arrived for the "Iron Claw". We honor the Baron as a Heel of Fame-"und DAT is ALL da people need to know"!


Scut Farkas...he was mean, rotten..he had YELLOW EYES, so help me, YELLOW EYES!! What's really tough to believe is that he's now Dave on "Titus"! Scut was the bully we ALL knew growing up, and when he finally got his ass kicked, it was better than anything on wrestling. We honor Scut for his performance as one of the rottenest kids in American history. A true Heel of Fame.


The Great Kabuki had the best martial arts gimmick of all time. He came to the ring in a long silk kimono, a huge wooden Kabuki mask, bristling with sai, nunchakus, or whatever, all whistling and whirling around him. Then after all this was gone, he stood in a simple pair of kung fu pants and tabi shoes and blew a cloud of green mist into the air. Then he would demolish his opponent with a variety of bizarre nerveholds and a brutal savate kick. Kabuki, managed by Gary Hart, feuded extensively with Jimmy Valiant, Dusty Rhodes, and many other bleach-blond heroes. For dropping jaws(and then kicking them back into place) everywhere he went, we honor The Great Kabuki as a Heel of Fame.


The Fabulous Freebirds were something to behold in their day. They combined rottenness and charisma with a ton of audacity to become such good bad guys that the people loved them anyway, even if they were throwing medicated powder in JYD's eyes or all three stomping the bejeezus out of Kevin Von Erich. For being so good at being so bad, we name The Fabulous Freebirds as Heels of Fame.


Take a look at these guys...when I saw the Bushwhackers on WWF, I just shook my head. The kids cheering them on just didn't know about the tag team that raised hell throughout the land in the 70's and 80's. The New Zealand Sheepherders were mean, loony guys who scared the bejeezus out of little kids instead of making them laugh. For terrorizing, brutalizing, and generally running roughshod, The New Zealand Sheepherders are among our Heels of Fame.


Nellie Oleson was the most mean, petty, vile, awful girl EVER!! OOOH! I'd like to jerk her up by those ringlets and unscrew her HEAD!! OOOOH!!-wait...composure...okay. For being so unbelievably God-AWFUL that a nation watched eagerly just to see her get knocked into the pond, we proudly induct Nellie Oleson into the Heels of Fame.


OOOOH! Frank N. THERE'S a guy who isn't afraid to be his own man...or make his own man, for that matter. For manmaking, music, mayhem and murder(and with such STYLE), Frankie truly deserves to be a Heel of Fame.


Squeaky Fromme scared the shit out of every parent in America. She looks like a young Thelma Lou (Andy Griffith). Who would ever think that this girl would become Charles Manson's most devoted follower or lunge at the President with a gun? We honor Squeaky as a Heel of Fame for her notoriety and for being one of America's most interesting crazies.


Unlike Squeaky(above), you knew this was one serious bad guy RIGHT AWAY. Darth Vader was an evil wizard, terrifying warrior, and malevolent spectre all in one. An all-time great Heel of Fame.