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To Sexy Sadie's Spandex Sensations

Nite nite, wussyboy! FEAR SADIE!!

This is my manager-Sexy Sadie! She's big, she's bad, she breaks rings with people's asses and terrifies the ignorant masses! Any who doubt the awesome power of her "Sugarshaker" finish shoulda been there when she picked up the 350lb "Axl" Faulkner by his NECK and slammed his ass with a positively horrendous crash. Many large men have reported the last thing they saw before losing consciousness was Sadie's paratrooper boot approaching fast. Sadie could wrestle the girls, and sometimes does, but mostly she likes to beat the hell out of big, hairy men-both for the sense of personal satisfaction it gives her and so she can serve them up to her favorite drama queen (see Wild Irish Rose). Oh, Sadie-you're the only woman that's man enough for me!

Major Storm

Major Storm
This girl does resemble a storm in one way-when she hit the women's division, people went into hiding! Where did all the girls go? They seem to have pretty much unassed the area. Scared, the lot of them. Scared of the power of the Storm.

Mike Plezing

Michael J. Plezing
Never before in the world of professional wrestling was so much owed by so many to one man-Michael J. Plezing. Plezing trained many of the ACW stars, has held every title the promotion has ever had, and has broken innumerable chairs over the Hammer's skull. What a guy! His sense of decency, fair play, and all around good sportsmanship are rarely seen in this day and age, and I know that a role model like Mr. Plezing is destined to grace the front of a Wheaties box someday.

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Mr. Big
Sleek, fast, and totin' a kendo stick! Mr. Big combines agility, luscious abs, and a mean streak to succeed in a sport generally thought of as the domain of larger men. I love the sound that kendo stick makes when he's beating MTV across their heads with it! Turns me ON!!

Bull Horton

Bull Horton
NOW whatcha gonna do, lil'skinny man? With Bull staring at you from across the ring, you're in for a rough night. He could throw you into the turnbuckle or into the 5th or 6th row with equal ease. Easily the strongest man in ACW. And cuddly too.